Parking Lot Management

One of the most important features of a downtown area in any large city is the existence of what we have come to know as parking lots. As the name dictates, this is an area where cars are parked for a certain amount of time during the day. Many parking lots are used on a regular basis by people who work downtown and need a place to park their auto while they are at work. These same lots will usually have short term parking slots for those who are shopping or visiting a government office in the downtown area. Those who own these lots can realize a considerable profit on the lots, once they are paid off. Until that magic payoff date arrives, they will have the same struggles that any business would have in the downtown area. Each parking lot will struggle with generated revenue and incurred expenses, in an effort to be successful.  The expense of having an attendant to manage the parking lot is one of the constants in parking lot management.


Parking Lot Expenses

As mentioned before the cost of an attendant is one of the constants in parking lot management. This individual must be a trusted person who will have the best interest of the owner in mind all of the time. The attendant is responsible for the physical security of all of the cars that are parked in the lot and he must be aware of any misdeeds that might happen on the lot. Insurance is another constant that must be addressed by the lot owner. It is important that the insurance cover any type of damage that might happen to a car that is left in the care of the lot, during the day. If the lot is open after dark, lights must be provided for the security of the cars and the patrons, after sundown.


Parking Lot Amenities

Some parking lots offer amenities that attract customers. One such thing is the cleaning or washing of autos while they are on the lot. This attracts a certain number of people as this is the time that they get their car detailed. If detailed work is offered, it would be a good idea to have a shade where the work can be accomplished, out of the heat of the sun. The main downside to this type of offering is the fact that the lot owner would have to hire extra people to do the work.

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