overhead gate opener

Overhead Gate Operators

Overhead gates are operated by the same systems that power overhead garage doors. Many gate systems are not solid doors or fully enclosed doors. Most gate systems are made of industrial grade aluminum but are not roll-up doors. These systems are much like what is found in the gate systems in the malls, schools, office buildings, etc. The strength of these gates is the fact that they do not take up much room and they are very easy to install and service.  The roll up gates are self-supporting and secured to ceiling joists. The grilles can be made in any size that is required by the door opening and provide a neat and attractive appearance when considering the alternatives of iron gates. Some of the overhead security gates do not even need a power source as they are light and can be opened without the use of motors or cranks of any kind. Floor tracks are not required so this offers a certain amount of customer safety as they will not be walking across a tracking system, as they enter the store.

Security of overhead Gates

The overhead gates offer greater security because of the construction. The nature of the gates work against reach through theft of vandalism and cannot be defeated by normal nefarious activities. These wonderful gates can be custom made and reflect the creativity of the manufacturer. The only downside to this type of gate is the fact that they cannot be used as fire doors in any application.  The safety of the roll up gate lies in the fact that they are very light and can be manipulated by any healthy person, without the use of a motor or lifting device.

Los Angeles Gate Company

Los Angeles Gate Company is able to provide any roll up gate assembly that your business might require. Method Gates and Doors has only the best professionals who will address all of your overhead gate needs.

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