Exit loop detectors

Emergency Entrance Device for Gates

Los Angeles Gate Company offers a great emergency entrance gate. As you know, the fire department requires that a property owner have a “quick access” requirement in case of emergency. This will have a positive impact on your insurance for your property as the fire department can get into your residence without having to use their truck to knock the gate down. Quick access benefits the fire department and the owner, equally.

Reno Receiver

The Reno Receiver is programmed to open the gate when a fire truck is approaching and is close enough, in front of the gate, to open it. The receiver will open the pedestrian, commercial gate, or driveway gate as the truck approaches the signal area of the gate, about 25 feet or so. The gate will not open if the fire truck is just passing the gate area, as the truck must be in position to enter the gated area. The gate will close automatically when the emergency equipment is out of range.


As you can see, there is a great deal of security when using the Los Angeles Gate system. The system works only for fire truck, ambulance, and police vehicle admission.  This fact keeps your property secure and not open to the general public. You will have a control device located in the house that will allow someone to approach the gate and request admission. You will then be able to press a button on your entry remote and allow access to your residence.  This will be of great benefit when you are having gatherings at your house or when maintenance people need to access the area.

As the property owner, one must be proactive in the protection of his property. Money spent on the Los Angeles Gate system is money well-spent as it brings added security to your residence and those you love.

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