Intercom System

Intercoms have been around since the advent of recording devices and telephones. Usually these intercom systems are very basic in nature and could be no more than a public address system such as schools use to make announcements on a daily basis. Intercoms are usually connection devices that keep various areas in contact with one another throughout the day. Some systems have the ability to open doors. The traditional communication devices are basically an analogue system and can be found in many types of vehicles, police, military, aircraft, ships, etc.

Wireless Intercom System

Wireless intercoms are now available. As the name indicates, wires are not part of the installation of a wireless system. These systems are easily installed and are quickly moved from one location to another. The downside to a wireless system is the fact that there can be interference from other wireless devices. If considering a wireless system for your business you must take into account the location of cordless phones, wireless computer systems, and structural features of the building. Lighting systems can cause interference with your wireless system as the transformers in the lights can cause noise over your wireless system. To protect the privacy of a wireless system, one would need to consider having some type of encryption device integrated with the wireless system.

Telephone Intercom System

Most modern telephones have an intercom function already built into the system. This type of intercom allows for paging and with certain phone systems, communication can be realized between two sets. There are additions that can be added to an existing telephone system that will allow for intercom communication to be established within the building. Some of the devices will allow communication between multiple telephones. When deciding on an intercom system, check your existing phone system and see if an intercom is already available.

Los Angeles Gate Company

The Los Angeles Gate Company stands ready to assist you with any intercom installation that you might like to have.  Our installation pros can give you good advice concerning what your needs might be.

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