One Way Spikes

One of the easiest ways to control parking lot traffic is the use of “one way spikes“.  Your parking lot can be secured from unauthorized entry by placing the spikes at the entry level of the parking lot with an attendant to lock or unlock the spikes as the need dictates.  If one is concerned with unauthorized entry alone, the spikes can be set in the ground whereby any auto coming the wrong way would be stopped by the spike system, shredding the auto’s tires.

Spike Application

In almost all spike applications, each spike is independent of the other spikes and is governed by a spring that will allow each spike to operate independently of the other spikes. This prevents motorcycles from defeating the spike system. The springs used in most systems are made of stainless steel and are not impacted by adverse weather conditions. Some systems come with a lock down feature that will enable one to lock the spikes down, as the need dictates. All spike systems must be illuminated as well as painted a bright red color to indicate their presence. Some of the spikes available are set in a bright yellow box with the spikes being a very bright red. It is a good idea to use a sensor for control of the lighting of the spike system, as it will save on the cost of electricity.

Los Angeles Gate Company

The Los Angeles Gate Company (Method Door and Gate Company) is available to provide spike systems for your parking lot to ensure the security of your parking lot. If you are in a high traffic area where people tend to try to take advantage of your parking lot, the spike system would work well to prevent this from happening. Method Door and Gate Company is able to service your need.

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