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Custom Garage Door

One way to increase the value of your home is to have custom-designed, wooden, garage doors installed. There are many standard wooden garage doors on the market, but a custom-designed door will show better on your home. A custom garage door gives a touch of creativity to your garage and allows one to really express himself in the garage entry and have the ease of an overhead operation. Automatic door openers are easily installed on the wooden doors, but consideration has to be given as to the weight of the doors when opting for an automatic opener. Another thing to consider is the need to paint or stain the wooden garage door.  Generally the doors will come from the factory primed and ready to paint or stain. The one thing that must be done is the painting or staining prior to making the installation of the doors. The painting or staining will give reality to the wood’s natural look and will add much to the outside look of your home. When you consider a wooden garage door, you are really installing a unique item to your house which will demonstrate your taste to the community.

Weather is the Enemy of a Wooden Garage Door

The sun and rain are the two real threats to a wooden garage door. If you have a west facing garage door, it might be a good idea to use a lead based paint or stain on the door as this gives just a little bit better protection from the rays of the hot afternoon sun. When the door is hung, it is a good idea to give thought to the fact that within a couple of years, that door will have to be painted or stained again. The rain and hail will also dictate a more progressive maintenance schedule for the wooden door, but that is just the price one pays for a unique and beautiful piece of outside decoration. Always inspect the door for dings or damaged areas and address these areas as needed.  Do not let them get worse as this would impact the entire door surface.  Learn how to work with a good wood filler so the dings can be filled and the door repainted. When you have done this, sit back and enjoy the beauty of your Custom wooden garage door.





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