overhead gate opener

Overhead Gate Opener

As the owner of a nice car, we like to keep the car in the garage, away from the sun and hailstones that sometimes finds our place. We do not like to get out of the car to raise the garage door so we went shopping for an overhead garage door opener and discovered that there was more than one good door opener on the market. We had really no way to make a decision on what to purchase. The salesman at the store was really no help as he was only interested in moving the system that he was selling. This did not impress me so we went in search of another store.

More Choices Than We Wanted

When we got to the second store we discovered that there was a considerable number of different overhead gate or door openers available. The salesman did not have an urge to sell a particular system and he took the time to show us all the systems he had and we were able to play with the models of the door openers to see how loud or soft they were. We also got a lecture on selecting the right power supply for the door that we were needing to lift. I had always thought that the faster the door went up the better and I would have opted for a very powerful motor. The salesman quickly talked me out of that idea and he made a suggestion that would later bear fruit. He told me that if he were installing a new overhead gate opener, he would contact Los Angeles Gate Company and have someone come out to the house and help us decide what to purchase.

Los Angeles Gate Company

The phone call was made to Los Angeles Gate Company and they responded within a very short time.  The professional asked us what we expected and we explained that the main thing was something to open the door so we could keep the car out of the weather. He was able to see that we wanted to lift a full wooden door and he knew how heavy that door was going to be.  He suggested that we purchase a 3/4 horse motor and track system with a screw operating feature. He believed that the screw type system would provide the best lift for the money. We signed the contract and now have a wonderful garage door lifter  from Los Angeles Gate Company.

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