Proximity Card Reader

proximity card reader for access controlled gate


 Proximity Card Reader

Another newer type of security device is the proximity card reader.  You will find these security systems in just about all of the top name hotels and motels. Each card is expressly encoded to operate only one door, but when the card comes back to the front office it can be re-encoded to open another door.  With this ease of encoding, the hotel/motel does not have to go to the expense of having multiple keys for any given room. When the card is re-encoded, the old room information is deleted and the new room information is encoded. Proximity cards are also used in various businesses to grant access to sensitive areas without the need for a key.  The proximity card may be used for employee identification badges as well keys for various rooms or secure areas.

Uses for Proximity Card Reader

Not only good for secure area access, the proximity card is well suited for use as an identification badge with the secondary purpose being to gain access to various areas of the plant or business. The employee’s picture can be placed on the card so it would also be an ID badge. One of the strengths of the proximity card is the fact that the card can contain an information strip that will provide a great deal of information about the holder of the card. The system can be programmed to record on the master device the access time and date. This will further allow the management to know who was in the secure area and when. Another use for the proximity card is to function as a common access card. This does not mean that it is a secure card but rather just a record of anyone who is in a sensitive area.

Los Angeles Gate Company

Method Gate and Door Company can address your needs and provide the required proximity card. When you are in need of this type of service do not hesitate to call on Method. They will respond quickly and provide you with the state of the art equipment.


Automatic Exit Device

Exit loop detectors

Automatic Exit Devices

Considerable attention must be given to the types of exit devices that one is going to install in a business or even a residence. Most automatic exit devices are found in business establishments as opposed to residential use. The use of automatic exit devices are not usually called for in a residence, as a modern door would be sufficient.

Single and Double Doors

Single doors are the easiest doors to install and secure. When a pair of doors are used, they prove to be much more complex and might not prove to be as secure as a single door. Doors that are generally used on the exterior of the building are usually of the “balanced door” design which is built to withstand high wind loads, when opening and closing them. This prevents high wind damage to the automatic device.

Fire-Rated Exit Doors

These are special doors that must be used in all commercial buildings. The doors must have a “dogging” mechanism that is automatic and not manual in nature.  These doors are usually activated by some alarm system or smoke detector. These doors provide an active manner of escape in the case of a fire in the building. The doors are never to be chained locked. Fire-rated exit doors are governed by the laws of most states.

Non-Fire Rated Doors

These doors are generally  activated by a panic bar system and will have a manual “dogging” system that will hold the automatic door open when desired, but when the automatic feature is engaged the doors will open and close by themselves when activated by an approaching individual or some treadle device which makes them an automatic door. Both sides of the door will need to be activated by the same device and open at the same moment. There are doors that open independently of each other and these will usually be found in commercial buildings.

Parking lots management & solutions

Parking Lot Management

One of the most important features of a downtown area in any large city is the existence of what we have come to know as parking lots. As the name dictates, this is an area where cars are parked for a certain amount of time during the day. Many parking lots are used on a regular basis by people who work downtown and need a place to park their auto while they are at work. These same lots will usually have short term parking slots for those who are shopping or visiting a government office in the downtown area. Those who own these lots can realize a considerable profit on the lots, once they are paid off. Until that magic payoff date arrives, they will have the same struggles that any business would have in the downtown area. Each parking lot will struggle with generated revenue and incurred expenses, in an effort to be successful.  The expense of having an attendant to manage the parking lot is one of the constants in parking lot management.


Parking Lot Expenses

As mentioned before the cost of an attendant is one of the constants in parking lot management. This individual must be a trusted person who will have the best interest of the owner in mind all of the time. The attendant is responsible for the physical security of all of the cars that are parked in the lot and he must be aware of any misdeeds that might happen on the lot. Insurance is another constant that must be addressed by the lot owner. It is important that the insurance cover any type of damage that might happen to a car that is left in the care of the lot, during the day. If the lot is open after dark, lights must be provided for the security of the cars and the patrons, after sundown.


Parking Lot Amenities

Some parking lots offer amenities that attract customers. One such thing is the cleaning or washing of autos while they are on the lot. This attracts a certain number of people as this is the time that they get their car detailed. If detailed work is offered, it would be a good idea to have a shade where the work can be accomplished, out of the heat of the sun. The main downside to this type of offering is the fact that the lot owner would have to hire extra people to do the work.

Biometric, fingerprint Access Control

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Biometric Access

The modern world is full of threats to the security of a business, plant, or even a home. Companies of all sizes are now turning to biometric access devices. The biometric devices allow an increased amount of security to any given area that is not keyed to gain access. These devices allow the security department of a company to know who has had access to an area and when they gained this access. In other words, they know who has been in any given area of the business or plant. This improves the security and ensures that only those recognized by the biometric device have had access to the valuable assets of the company and also guarantees the regulatory compliance of the company.


Biometrics, Ease of Use

Biometrics ensures that employees and visitors will only have access to approved areas. The only downside to this is the fact that someone who is on the security list could still have nefarious designs upon the secure area or what is contained in the secure area. Again, the strength of the biometrics is the fact that a record is maintained of who has been in any given secure area and the time that they were there. A good thing about biometrics is the fact that biometrics can be coupled with many off-the-shelf items in order to provide extra security to the area. Another neat fact is that biometrics can be facilitated with no more than a good web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.


Biometric Technology

Most biometric technology is now in its fourth or fifth generation of existence. This means that many upgrades to the system have been made and most of the bugs have been found and addressed. The biometric scanners are now much improved and more sophisticated when compared to the early devices. The new scanners will work in conjunction with card readers and even iris scanners.


One Way Spikes

One Way Spikes

One of the easiest ways to control parking lot traffic is the use of “one way spikes“.  Your parking lot can be secured from unauthorized entry by placing the spikes at the entry level of the parking lot with an attendant to lock or unlock the spikes as the need dictates.  If one is concerned with unauthorized entry alone, the spikes can be set in the ground whereby any auto coming the wrong way would be stopped by the spike system, shredding the auto’s tires.

Spike Application

In almost all spike applications, each spike is independent of the other spikes and is governed by a spring that will allow each spike to operate independently of the other spikes. This prevents motorcycles from defeating the spike system. The springs used in most systems are made of stainless steel and are not impacted by adverse weather conditions. Some systems come with a lock down feature that will enable one to lock the spikes down, as the need dictates. All spike systems must be illuminated as well as painted a bright red color to indicate their presence. Some of the spikes available are set in a bright yellow box with the spikes being a very bright red. It is a good idea to use a sensor for control of the lighting of the spike system, as it will save on the cost of electricity.

Los Angeles Gate Company

The Los Angeles Gate Company (Method Door and Gate Company) is available to provide spike systems for your parking lot to ensure the security of your parking lot. If you are in a high traffic area where people tend to try to take advantage of your parking lot, the spike system would work well to prevent this from happening. Method Door and Gate Company is able to service your need.

Intercom System

Intercom System

Intercoms have been around since the advent of recording devices and telephones. Usually these intercom systems are very basic in nature and could be no more than a public address system such as schools use to make announcements on a daily basis. Intercoms are usually connection devices that keep various areas in contact with one another throughout the day. Some systems have the ability to open doors. The traditional communication devices are basically an analogue system and can be found in many types of vehicles, police, military, aircraft, ships, etc.

Wireless Intercom System

Wireless intercoms are now available. As the name indicates, wires are not part of the installation of a wireless system. These systems are easily installed and are quickly moved from one location to another. The downside to a wireless system is the fact that there can be interference from other wireless devices. If considering a wireless system for your business you must take into account the location of cordless phones, wireless computer systems, and structural features of the building. Lighting systems can cause interference with your wireless system as the transformers in the lights can cause noise over your wireless system. To protect the privacy of a wireless system, one would need to consider having some type of encryption device integrated with the wireless system.

Telephone Intercom System

Most modern telephones have an intercom function already built into the system. This type of intercom allows for paging and with certain phone systems, communication can be realized between two sets. There are additions that can be added to an existing telephone system that will allow for intercom communication to be established within the building. Some of the devices will allow communication between multiple telephones. When deciding on an intercom system, check your existing phone system and see if an intercom is already available.

Los Angeles Gate Company

The Los Angeles Gate Company stands ready to assist you with any intercom installation that you might like to have.  Our installation pros can give you good advice concerning what your needs might be.

Emergency Entrance Device

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Emergency Entrance Device for Gates

Los Angeles Gate Company offers a great emergency entrance gate. As you know, the fire department requires that a property owner have a “quick access” requirement in case of emergency. This will have a positive impact on your insurance for your property as the fire department can get into your residence without having to use their truck to knock the gate down. Quick access benefits the fire department and the owner, equally.

Reno Receiver

The Reno Receiver is programmed to open the gate when a fire truck is approaching and is close enough, in front of the gate, to open it. The receiver will open the pedestrian, commercial gate, or driveway gate as the truck approaches the signal area of the gate, about 25 feet or so. The gate will not open if the fire truck is just passing the gate area, as the truck must be in position to enter the gated area. The gate will close automatically when the emergency equipment is out of range.


As you can see, there is a great deal of security when using the Los Angeles Gate system. The system works only for fire truck, ambulance, and police vehicle admission.  This fact keeps your property secure and not open to the general public. You will have a control device located in the house that will allow someone to approach the gate and request admission. You will then be able to press a button on your entry remote and allow access to your residence.  This will be of great benefit when you are having gatherings at your house or when maintenance people need to access the area.

As the property owner, one must be proactive in the protection of his property. Money spent on the Los Angeles Gate system is money well-spent as it brings added security to your residence and those you love.