iron driveway gate

Our warehouse and blacksmithing location is in Van Nuys, Near the 405 & Roscow.

While the office is in charge of handling the jobs and setting schedule together with the clients, our employees are working to complete the fabrication part.



First we design the gates.

The first step, after we learn how our customer like the gates to be, is drawing. Many times the customers are choosing an existing design and in that case we already have the plans ready to execute.

When we are satisfied with the design, the gauge of the materials, and assured the gate will hold still for years to come, we can start preparation for fabrication process. That will usually include measuring and cutting the wrought iron bars to parts we can later weld together smoothly. This way of fabrication guarantee great looking gate, and a strong frame, quite operation.



Gate fabrication at our facility in Los Angeles (Van Nuys)

Here comes the fun! When the sparks are all around you, firing up down and sideways, you know a new gate is born! from little pieces, sometimes ornamental designs, and sometimes a combination of bars and ornamental elements, a new gate is coming slowly.

It is much like a puzzle coming together. you have to put all the parts in a certain way for it to look perfect. During the process we take measurements to verify alignment, strength, and smooth welding lines. the product of few days at the warehouse will be then polished to remove stains, smooth the surface, and apply a basic layer – last stage in preparation for painting.


Painting and finishing:

When the surface is smooth and nice, and the gate frame is well aligned, we can go ahead and paint. The right way of painting a gate, is first make sure the frame or the structure as a whole is solid, and need no more work. Only then, and after we polish and primed it we can get to the level of great painting to last for the coming years. There are 2 major ways for painting gates:

Spray and brush type of painting are more affordable, pretty reliable, and overall are a good choice. The gates looks great with smooth paint shiny or mat to your choice.

Powder Coating is more advanced and with its higher tag price, the results are not to be missed. it is a fine system for painting iron and other surfaces perfectly, and used a lot in the car industry among others. When you exam the car paint it is sure something different then paint brush or spray gun.

If you want to learn more about this premier option, having your gates powder coated, just let us know. We will quote you the coating as a part of the whole gate project.


Installation and touch up:

This is your day, the customer: Our installation team will arrive at the time set, equipped with the latest machinery and techniques, to install the gates and operating devices. At that step, either the sales person  or the project manager will be pressent in the field, for the entire installation period.

We start from the ground up, digging, pouring concrete, covering, welding, connecting power lines, intercom system to telephone, and the rest of the gate accessories.

When we assured the gate operates as it should, we will call you to enjoy it yourself. By the time the project manager will explain you about the relevant features and operational issues, our team is already busy cleaning up, leaving with a cleaner than before workplace, so you may now enjoy your new entrance.